Wellness Coaching

Personal Wellness/Life Coaching

Whether you are trying to create more happiness in your life, get fit, reduce health risks and stress, or make positive changes, I can assist you in your personal wellness goals. I am certified Health Coach by American Council on Exercise (ACE) and I also have worked as an ACE certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with hundreds of clients. I have B.S. degree in Exercise Science along with an Adapted Physical Education minor, and M.S. degree in Wellness Management.

My goal as a personal wellness coach is to guide you to implement actions needed to make positive changes you want in your life. I only provide educational information and advice with your permission. It is not my job to put my idea of "healthy" or "being well" onto you. Through my experiences, the difficulty of making changes comes from lack of confidence, accountability, and personal attention. I am just here to assist you to maximize your strength to your advantage.

$90 for 60 minutes (make an appointment | make a payment)

Reiki Session

Reiki Energy Wellness Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique to help your body release negative energy and to rebalance energy body by promoting energy flow. If you are trying to reduce stress, harmonize various parts of your lives, and enhance your sense of wellness, this session would be great for you.

$70 for 60 minutes (make an appointment | make a payment)